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Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811
Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811

Installation Service

Rollies Sales & Service Inc., Serves both above ground and below ground tanks

Above ground tanks for sale and installation

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The conditions for installing an underground tank are rarely the same from site to site and require a seasoned crew with professional expertise and technical skill. Our construction teams go above and beyond what is expected of most tank installation companies, and we meet or exceed the manufacturer's requirements. The fuel system work area is always kept neat and orderly with minimal disruption to the facility and grounds. We strive to provide a professional and smooth process with exceptional communication throughout, from scheduling to coordinating to completing your job.

Rollies Sales and Service Inc., is a certified installer of underground tanks, Containment Solutions and other various underground tanks. The benefits of each product are listed below including examples of recent projects we completed:

Most underground tanks can be coated in polyurethane, which provides a permanent and effective corrosion protection for the life of the tank. If corrosion is your biggest concern then the P3 line of tanks offer protection in three ways: dielectric coating, electrical isolation, and sacrificial anodes. These tanks are offered in both commercial and residential models. In addition to fuel and lube oil storage tanks, models are also available for potable water storage, fire suppression, and wastewater. The tanks come with a 20 to 30-year guarantee, depending on the model, when installed to the manufacturer's specifications by a certified tank installer. 


Our Mission 

"Rollie's sales and service Inc strives each and every day to maintain our reputation as a world leading petroleum equipment and fluid solution supplier"