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Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811
Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811

Fuel Storage Removal

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"We have all the proper equipment, trained experts, and have specialized in tank removal and installation over the past 50 years!"

Rollies Sales & Service, Inc can handle the whole process whether it is a buried fuel tank removal, or fuel tank installation, Rollies Sales and Service Inc handles all the details, from start to finish. We start by giving you a quote. We give the proper notifications to the State, and schedule from gopher one call notifications. Since we do this it makes it easier for you. The knowledge that we have and our experienced site supervisors make the process seamless and integrated with your operations. Saving you time and money to keep doing what you do best. Our company offers oil fuel tank protection keeping you in line with the guidelines of the The Minnesota Department of Pollution Control Agency. The State Certified Site Supervisor has experience in many different areas making them valuable to you while having a wide range of knowledge for any environmental concern of yours. Our experienced team can do anything relating to replacement fuel tank, bulk fuel tanks, underground storage tanks, and fuel tank removals. Our operators and heavy equipment specialists excavate your tanks leave it to us to do all of your heavy lifting.
  • Contact us at 320-859-4811 Rollies Sales & Service Inc can handle it all.
Whether you are looking to install a commercial vehicle fueling system, bulk fuel plant or even single unit holding and dispensing system for fuel, pesticides, water or other fluids please contact us today!

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Our Mission 
"Rollie's sales and service Inc strives each and every day to maintain our reputation as a world leading petroleum equipment and fluid solution supplier"