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Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811
Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811

Bulk Plants

Bulk Tanks, and Bulk Fueling systems.

"Safety first, Railings Custom Designed to fit your existing Loading Racks!"

Features: Loading Systems

  • (All NEW) Easy Lift System Safety Railing  Have Rollie's install our proprietary safety system on your existing top loading systems. This will assist your employee in maintaining safety measures to keep your operation running smoothly.
  • Maximize Safety: and lower the risk of a fall. Keeping you, your employees safe from injury or even death. We keep you in mind when making these systems so you can depend on them in even the toughest conditions. Saving you from the risk of an accident or even a lawsuit. 
  • American quality Solutions: we can maximize your safety, the speed of your systems, keeping you making money, and increasing the efficiency of your business. 

"Constructing the finest Bulk Plants with the Functionality, Design, and Quality That Exceeds Your Expectations!"

Features: Streamlined Piping System

"We offer over 380 years of experience in piping expertise to lay the foundation for your business keeping you up and running without a leak."

  • Streamlined piping: Our piping experts have over 380 years of experience, maintaining the best quality, and pride in the artistry of the construction of complex and spill-proof systems for Bulk-plants. 

"This pictures shows our experience and detailed construction delivering quality piping".

Features: Industrial Paint, Coatings, Dikes, and liners

"Quality paint that we would use ourselves, with any products we build we keep the customer in mind." 

  • Industrial Paint: We offer only the best quality paint to improve the tanks last longer and maintain durability throughout their entire life cycle. 
  • Dikes and Liners top-of-the-line quality dikes and liners that offer a longer life span for our bulk tanks to ensure durability and overall life, keeping you from a spill and overall loss of products and money. 
  • Branding: We offer services to brand the bulk plants, and plant equipment. Branding will let people know who's the bulk plant they're at or if they're driving by giving you a billboard for your company. Call today to have this done. 

"Any size project we are ready to take on at a moments notice call today for a quote"

Value Proposition

"From Small to Large Bulk Plants, We design them to fit your Needs!"

  • Rollie's Sale's and Service Inc understands that your time is valuable, and it's our specialty to understand your business goals and objectives. Whether you want to speed up your systems, add safety features, or buy a new one, we are able to offer solutions that will speed up your supply chain and build real value for your customers, while saving you time and money along the way. 

Ready To Install, Replace or Repair Your Bulk Fuel Plant!

 Design, and Quality That Exceeds Your Expectations!"

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Our Services Include:

Complete, Rail Piping (One of our specialties)
Top Loading Docks with Safety Rails
Bottom Loading Systems  

"20 Tank Bulk Plant, with Dual Truck Loading stations, & Transport unloading station on the opposite side to keep traffic flowing"

 Installation of Dike & Liners,
Tank Monitoring Equipment (Card reading technologies available)
Loading Containment Pads
Learn More Specialty Safety Railing and Stairs, Bottom-Loading Systems &  Safety Platforms
Pumping Equipment New or Used
Card Reading Technologies Available!

"What is your target flow rate?" "We will quote the equipment to your desired flow rate."

Benefits vs. our Competitors:

"What is your target flow rate?" "We will quote the equipment to your desired flow rate."

  • We are the right solution having the ability to listen and understand what you need and what is right for your business—creating real value that saves your time and money. 
  • Our systems are designed, manufactured, and made In the USA for the toughest conditions in the United States of America.


Ease of Installation: 

     "Want to see more pictures of our work call today! 1-320-859-4811"

  • Pre-Manufactured and assembled right here in Minnesota. Delivered and installed by our team of professionals. Keeping you up and running. Letting you work on your business's strategic aspects allows us to take care of what we specialize in. "Leave it to us, and it will get done right." 


Our Mission:
"Rollie's Sales and Service Inc strives each and every day to maintain our reputation as the worlds greatest petroleum equipment and fluid solution Supplier"
       Since 1969