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Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811
Call today to remove old tanks, install new tanks, or get a quote. 320-859-4811

Bottom Loading

Bottom Loading - Safety and more


  • Ease of use system: With access from the ground.
  • Curbside loading: (Bottom loading) 
  • Terminal loading: (ability to load at terminals)
  • Maximize Safety: and lower the risk of a fall. Keeping you, your employees safe from injury or even death. We keep you in mind when making these systems so you can depend on them in even the toughest conditions. Saving you from the risk of an accident or even a lawsuit. 
  • American Quality Solutions we are able to maximize your safety, the speed of your systems, keeping you making money and increasing the efficiencies of your business. 


Value Proposition:

  • Rollie's Sale's and Service Inc understands that your time is valuable and it's our specialty to understand your business goals and objectives. Whether you want to speed up your systems, add safety features, or buy a new one we are able to offer solutions that will speed up your supply chain and build real value for your customers, while saving you time and money along the way. 

Ease of Installation: 

  • Pre-Manufactured and assembled right here in Minnesota. Delivered and installed by our team of professionals. Keeping you up and running. Letting you work on the strategic aspects of your business letting us take care of what we specialize in. "Leave it to us and it will get done right". 


Benefits vs our Competitors:

  • We are the right solution having the ability to listen and understand what you need and what is right for your business. Creating real value that saves your time and money.
  • Our systems are designed, manufactured, and made In the USA for the toughest conditions in the United States of America.
Our Mission:
"Rollie's sales and service Inc strives each and every day to maintain our reputation as the worlds greatest petroleum equipment and fluid solution Supplier"